Centre for deprived children and orphans in the rural area in Ghana

The Good Shepherd Orphanage is dedicated to rescuing the afflicted, the disadvantaged, and the helpless from a life of hopelessness by providing them with daily meals, education, and care.
Good Shepherd Orphanage is located at Odupong Ofaakor Bohyeasaseso on the Kasoa Bawjiase Road in the Central Region of Ghana. The closest town is Kasoa.
The main aim of the Good Shepherd Orphanage is the creation of a comfortable and dependable home-substitute for orphans and other socially disadvantaged children in the society. Our objectives include:
i. Providing a place for children who are in need of care and protection,
ii. Ensuring the welfare of the orphans, and
iii. Supporting the poor and the deprived children in the areas of education and health.

In 1987, Bishop Kweku Addei was called and ordained as a servant of God. Addei had a dream to set up an orphanage for the needy children of rural areas in Ghana. He began by acting as a foster parent. During his time as a foster parent, Bishop Addei nurtured and assisted a number of helpless children most of whom are now self-reliant. The building of Good Shepherd Orphanage began in 2002. Initially, ten orphans were admitted into the home. As of 2009, sixty-five orphans reside at the orphanage. The Orphanage has been recognized and approved by the Department of Social Welfare following satisfactory fulfillment of requirements set forth in the Children’s Act (Act 260 of 1998).

The child population of the Orphanage is sixty-five. They are between the ages of two and sixteen years.