The intake capacity of the Orphanage has increased from ten (10) in 2002 to Sixty Five (65) in 2009. The Orphanage has a means of transport that facilitates movement and other activities in and outside the home. Again, the long term goal for the board of the Good Shepherd Orphanage to establishing a School to cater for children in and outside the Home came to reality and on 8th August, 2004, the school was officially opened. The school has a approximate population of Four Hundred (400) pupils from Kindergarten to Junior High School 1.

Future Plan

The Good Shepherd Orphanage has plans to establish networking relationship with NGO’s with similar objectives. It will also invest in food crop farming to supplement the nutritional needs of the children. The establishment of a clinic to handle the children as well as people of the surrounding communities. The establishment of Vocational Training institute is paramount. It also hopes to expand the intake to cover as many children as possible.


Perennial water shortage, more often that not the Orphanage relies on the water supplied by tankers which is costly and irregular. The Ofaakor community has no pipe-borne water Insufficient funds andOver reliance on scarce individual contributions.