Why Become Volunteer

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  1. A grassroots organization:
    GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGEis a grassroots organisation which runs a wide range of projects across Ghana, where the charity is based. One of the benefits of volunteering within a grassroots organisation is any fees charged go directly to support your placement (accommodation and food) and the projects that you work on.
    We always welcome ideas and suggestions which you can put directly to our director. This gives you the opportunity to help influence the growth of our organisation and the work we do.
    In addition, because we are a local organisation we can support you throughout your placement. Before leaving home you can liaise directly with the people you are going to work with in Ghana and this will mean you will be better prepared when you arrive.
  2. A reputable and respected registered charity
    Whilst it is grassroots, Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE) is a reputable non governmentalorganisation. It is a registered charity (with the Social Welfare Department of Ghana) and a non-profit, tax-exempt organisation (as registered by the Internal Revenue Service of Ghana). It is also a member of the United Nations OV Service, United Nations Global Compact, International Peace Council and Coalition for International Criminal Court.
  3. Experience being part of a Ghanian community
    By volunteering with GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE you will be given the opportunity to become integrated into Ghanian communities. Our volunteers live in homestays or in a house with other volunteers. They enjoy great quality, traditional Ghanian food on a daily basis. (We can arrange food for vegetarians or anyone with special dietary requirements.)
    Our volunteers work in a friendly and safe environment, whilst having the chance to learn first hand about the cultural dynamics of African society.
  4. A programme to suit you
    From teaching to microfinance to healthcare, GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE offers a number of flexible, comprehensive, and engaging volunteering experiences to choose from. This means you can find something of interest and relevance to your studies or career, and make your experience even more worthwhile.
  5. See where your money goes
    Unlike some organisations, GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE invest in projects. Most programs under GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE are directly funded by the organisation including the feeding, paying hospital bills, caring for orphans , paying teacher’s salary etc.
  6. Recognition for your efforts
    On successfully completing a placement or internships on one of our projects we will award you with a Certificate of Recognition. This is to express our deep appreciation of your service to humanity and promotion of world peace.

We can also issues reference letters to be used with university or job applications.
In addition you can become an ambassador of GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE in your college, university or home community. At GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE you don’t simply pass through our projects, you become a part of us and can help shape our future.